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For Sale

For Sale, Unopened new jar of Fumagilin-B, 2 gram bottle. Does not expire until 08/2016, Asking $40.

Bob Deemer, Palmyra, NY 315-597-4304,

FOR SALE     Queens

Genetically diverse queens available, northern reared, summer sale $16/queen/hundred
Contact: Lynn Barton  1349 East Side Road, Morris, NY 13808  607 316-7359   7-9-14

NY honeyTshirt


 T-shirts available, 15.00 + S/H, please specify size.

Embroidered caps are on order! Contact

Equipment - Walter T. Kelley, 21 frame, variable speed, 1/2 HP EXTRACTOR.
Comes with sTank n extracttand and lid.
Also included: Two 100 gallon tanks with honey gates, stands, lids and sieves.
Contact me for pictures or more information.  Asking $2500.00, OBO
Contact   Kathleen Finnerty  1031 Sherman Street  315-778-1863       6-16-13

 Equipment -- 200+/- in like new condition heavy telescoping covers painted steel flashing on   ¾ inch plywood, painted inside, $10.00 each.
100 +/- bottom boards some are P/T some cedar $2.00 each
ContactTed Elk  1524 St Rd 37 Hammomd NY 143646  135-382-2909       3-9-12


 Equipment --Wax Melter/uncapping tank/Honey Seperator COMBO unit.  runs on 220V 30amp service.  The uncapping tank is water jacketed on a seperate controller than the wax melter/honey seperator.  This unit is all Stainless Steel.  Asking $1200.00 for unit.  Email for pictures or come see in person. 

Contact:Brian McDonald  Sharon Springs NY  518-522-9485               3-2-12


 BEE SWARMS WANTED- Bee swarm removal; Rochester area, Monroe & Wayne County.           Contact:; 585-820-6619                                                            3/14/12

 Bees Wax- Looking to source bulk local bees wax (organic) for use in handcrafted skin care products.
Contact:Sherry Aramini  Ithaca, NY  607-351-6561                   3-17-12
 Bees -- Either a package of bees or a nuc on my equipment.
Contact-Thor Eriksen   607-588-6445                                      5-16-12
WANTED-Buying Bee Hives and used equipment. Are you or someone you know looking to downsize your bee yard or retire? I am looking to buy established hives and equipment in the central New York area. I will buy out current contracts, help maintain or setting up new one.
Contact:     Brennon Bower  212 Roxbury Rd  3153828808       1-8-14             
 Information: AZ hive info? I'm looking to build a hybrid AZ hive which is compatible with Langstroth equipment.Does anyone have an AZ hive that I can look at or buy?
Contact: Chris Clyne  505 Upper Deck Rd. Mohawk,N.Y. 13407  315-823-4755                                                                                                          3-9-12


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